Never say ‘oops’ say ‘Ah Interesting!’
Have I bored you with my Valentine ideas yet?  I hope not because here is another one.
This one was born out of , as my sons would say, a ‘fail’, or what I call ‘a deleted scene’.  I had this vision of making beautiful little flowers out of a lollipop and conversation hearts and in my head, I thought I could soften the lollipop in the microwave and stick the hearts right on to it.  Easy, right?!?
Well, not so much.  The sugar of the lollipop
become too brittle and the ‘petals’ kept falling off.
In other words…‘FAIL’
And so I started to play some more, using
the melted sugar from the lollipop….
And was soon sculpting with melted sugar.
Pretty?  Well here’s a little warning: these beauties come with a price…burnt finger tips…ouch!  I’ve never worked with melted sugar before and quickly learned it’s almost like working with hot glue…you have to work extremely quickly as the sugar hardens in seconds.
Not an ideal craft, so I am giving you an alternate pain free method, with very similar results…
These little guys are made out of gumdrops.
Here is a little tutorial for a gumdrop rose lollipop…
You will need:
 Jumbo Gumdrops (red, green or colours of choice)
Rolling Pin
Lollipop Stick
Sprinkle your working surface with sugar
(this will prevent gumdrop from sticking)
Flatten gumdrop with rolling pin…
With your fingers, stretch out the
gumdrop to form a long thin piece
(that’s one unattractive picture)
Cut some of the gumdrop and
roll around the lollipop stick…
With kitchen scissors, cut a couple of petals
 (notice that my petals are not exactly the same?
That’s because I don’t know how to be
 ‘symmetrically’ correct…that’s hubby’s job)
Wrap the petals one by one…
…overlapping them until you have the desired size.
TIP: if you find that the gumdrop is
too sticky, add some sugar. If it’s
not sticking, add a tiny bit of water.
This is me with way too much time on my hands….
This one is for my sister in law who loves daisies….:o)
Package them up in a little treat bag….
Tie with a pretty Valentine ribbon….how sweet!
And here is my most beautiful blossom holding our little sweet treats!  I cherish those chunky little fingers….just want to eat them up! :o)
So, the moral of the story is: go ahead and make mistakes…because they are the bridge between experience and wisdom.
Have a sweet day!
much love,

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